Mr. Goetz is personally involved in several charities that cater to the needs of unprivileged children or children with special needs in the United Arab Emirates, Belgium and Uganda. 

With all the different constraints and economic pressures going on around the world, the vision of 365 mission, a charity run by Mr. Alain Goetz continues to remain undefeated.
Through 365 mission, Alain Goetz together with all the volunteers attached to his charity continue to ensure that the basic needs of the underprivileged and vulnerable members of different communities in and outside Africa are met.

On December 8, 2022, was marked as a special and memorable day for the year 2022 at Entebbe Children’s Welfare Primary School in Entebbe-Uganda, thanks to the continued generosity and compassionate heart of Alain Goetz. Entebbe Children’s Welfare Primary School where Alain Goetz became a partner since 2015 and has been supporting the management and children in any way possible in regard to supply of foodstuffs, clothing, and medical assistance, among others is an organization where children with special needs are cared for and given special education. All was merry as the children and staff at the orphanage enjoyed a special end of the year Christmas Treat, fully sponsored by Alain Goetz.

This gesture of love and compassion is one of the many ways through which Alain Goetz, through 365 mission continuously extends support, help and encouragement and also builds hope and confidence in the children.

Since 2015 Goetz has been supporting the Entebbe Children’s Welfare Primary School founded in 1985 that specializes in teaching and caring for children with special needs.

Since 2015 Goetz has been supporting the Entebbe Children’s Welfare Primary School founded in 1985 that specializes in teaching and caring for children with special needs.

In July 2019 a new classroom block was launched by the First Lady of Uganda / Minister of Education and Sports Hon. Janet Museveni.The building was fully financed and constructed by the African Gold Refinery with commitment from Alain Goetz who oversaw the project until December 2018 as the CEO.

The company and its staff have continued onwith his legacy by periodically providing the school children foodstuffs, clothing and finances.

On a personal level, he regularly visits the school while in Uganda to check on the children. He believes support for the school will improve its ability to enable young people to realize theirfull potential.

Mr. Goetz has been partnering with Foodstep Uganda a non-profitable organization founded in 2006. In December 2016 he was contacted about a baby girl who had been found in the garbage after being burnt and abandoned by her mother. Fortunately, someone rescued her and they brought her to Foodstep Orphanage, Mr. Alain Goetz has supported her until she’s fully recovered and even till date.

 “It was such a great pleasure to see these young children growing and be able to enjoy better lives” – Alain Goetz.

The tourism industry in Uganda is one of the key sectors earmarked for Uganda’s economic transformation. However, with COVID-19 Pandemic,special tourist sites such as Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary,located 23 km southeast of Entebbe on Lake Victoria have been greatly impacted due to the sharp decline in tourist numbers drastically affecting the sanctuary’s revenues. Alain Goetz intervened to help this important primates’ habitat one of its kind in Africa by providing foodstuff for the animals until the economic conditions stabilize.

Entebbe FC(Formerly:Masavu Football Team)

To encourage and boost existing community sports initiatives, Mr. Goetz came on board to support the Entebbe FC formerly known as Masavu Football Team from 2017 on a monthly basis.

The local football team was started in 2002 has its home grounds at Fisheries training institute in Entebbe, with a squad of 25 players between ages of 20-25 years has been able to participate several regional completions including the Buganda Cup organized under the Federation of Uganda Football Associations.

The club promotes younger football players in Entebbe and other regions to big football clubs and national level competitions. Abraham Ndugwa a former player in the team is now in the national team which is a great inspiration among the current players.

The monthly financial support has enabled to motivate the team as they pay for their tuition at university, take care of their family’sbasic needs and other financial obligations.

During the lockdown, the finances helped the players when all sporting activities and competitions were closed. Besides allowances, the team is able to take care of several sporting requirements like uniforms, shoes, training items and logistics.

The team aspires to attract and promote more players to the national or European leagues completions while at the same time employing these youth through their talents.

Alain is very proud of these young men for pursuing their dreams and skills.

Mr. Goetz left a legacy for AGR to partner with Entebbe Municipal Council to Organise the annual Entebbe Marathon.

The Marathon is a local charity sporting event that attracts residents, school children, companies, leaders, professional local and international runners to participate in 10km, 25km and 42km running competition in Entebbe Municipality held every other weekend of February.

AGR has co-sponsored the event with other companies since 2017. The marathon was rebranded to the Sinocham Entebbe Marathon in preparation for the Wuhan Marathon after a partnership with the city in China. The sponsorship package was aimed towards preparatory activities of the event including sports kits, prizes for the winners and logistical requirements for the event.

The 2019 Marathon winners of the 10km, 21km and 42km races guaranteed themselves an all-expenses trip to Wuhan to participate in the city’s marathon where more prizes awaited winners.

The proceeds from this charity event last year went towards the unprivileged children and their single mothers through the Modesta Foundation.

Entebbe Tree-Planting Initiative 


To preserve the Entebbe Municipality green belt which has been encroached on by the city’s vital infrastructural developments.

The Green Belt Partnership and the Entebbe Municipalitytook an initiative to restore the greenbelt by replanting more trees. They approachedAlain Goetz in July 2018 to partner and support the initiative.

Hundreds of trees have been handed over to the Entebbe Municipality staff.

Mr. Goetz and his friends from abroad participated in the tree-planting drive with other partners in the city.

Mr. Goetz encouraged the company to champion this initiative to contribute to the community natural ecosystem as one of the ways to maintain Entebbe’s conducive weather and beauty.

In 2020 the Green Belt Partnership had plans to continue with the tree planting project around the Universal Primary Education schools in Entebbe.

Away from work, Goetz loves sports, reading, arts and volunteering.