365Mission Planned Initiatives
Date Activity Description Potential Budget Comments
Jan-Mar 2021 1. Support towards Entebbe Social Welfare School & Special Needs and Inclusive Education Department under the Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda
2. Support towards vulnerable children in Dubai & Belgium
3. Conduct speaking engagements/lectures at Universities about gold trade & industry
4. Online campaign where students book in advance online for one on one sessions with Mr. Alain
5. Women & Men Empowerment Programmes/Conduct Career & Mentorship talks for young people or visits to local schools
6. Renovation & maintenance of upcountry government school & hospital facilities
7. Donating equipment to Government Facilities
8. Establishing and stocking upcountry school libraries including online access as well
9. Scholarships for intelligent top class students who fail to pursue further education
Apr-June 2021 1. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
2. Community Tree Planting Campaign ( fruit trees)/Reforestation of a damaged forest
3. Support National Geographic initiatives for Africa
Jun-Aug 2021 Supporting Communities & families; feeding hungry children, children’s homes during COVID19
Sept 2021 1. Renovation & maintenance of upcountry government hospital facilities
2. Support for community health facilities by donating equipment; visiting the sick
Oct-Dec 2021 Launch a youth talent development initiative/Competition- CREATIVE ARTS; Masavu Sports Club